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Your discussion area and instructions

Page history last edited by Vida 12 years, 6 months ago

Dear students,


in purpose to make the discussions various and attractive we suggest for you to make discussions in Notaland discussion tool - (asynchronous discussion) - below you will find topics and different pages created with notaland tool, please, have a look and write your opinion on each topic as comment. In Notaland tool in some topics you will find links to the movies concerned with one or other topic, also some advices or interesting readings.



On each theory lesson you will find the task for discussion. Please, have a look to The schedule of this course that you will be on tim eto make your tasks.


Topics for discussion:

1. Environment (Introduction) - 10 suggested Ways to Reduce Greenhouse Gases - have a look at the discussion page: notaland.com/vida/11214

2. Water cycle - have a look at the discussion page: notaland.com/vida/11213

3. Save the water - have a look at the discussion page: notaland.com/vida/11212

4. Defending our oceans, task - have a look at the discussion page: notaland.com/vida/10816

5. Recycling - have a look at the discussion page: notaland.com/vida/10741

6. Global warming  - have a look at the discussion page: http://notaland.com/vida/10024

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