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Tasks - week 5 Recycling

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Have a look at en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Recycling and read the whole article.


1. Try to find some reasons for and agains recycling and write them down to your blog.

2. Which are the different categories of curbside collection? Which is common is your city? Do you prefer the one you have in your city or another one?




Prepare your own website at notaland.com  about how you and your family recycle.


What can you put in your page:


- what do you recycle - e.g. glass...

- where are the recycling bins at your home, where in the city (how far from your home...)

- do you think you recycle enough?

- what can you do to recycle more?

- what do you think about recycling?

- try to make some photos (recycling bins at your home, in the city...)

- you can of course add a video - e.g. with your parents about recycling...

- any other idea related to recycling is welcome




Discuss with your classmates the way they and their family recycles. Is it enough? Is it necessary? You can talk about the informations you and your classmates have in your websites.


You can discuss here notaland.com/vida/10741 .



Be aware that your are working according to steps for weekly work and also according to Assessment, rules and procedures. You can comment your impressions about what you have learned or your oppinion about this page tasks down here, in "Add a comment" with the given user and password for pupils.



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