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NOTA and Weblog as a part of assessment

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To express your questions, answers or reflections and to show your degree of acquired knowledge you will use two discussion tools; mainly NOTA pages and your personal weblog as a complement.


You will be given instructions to each weeks task and you have to answer the questions in your NOTA pages or bring your other learning outcomes there (you can complete this information with posts in your weblog). After each week the teacher will look through your work and possibly give you some feedback. After the course is over the teacher will look at your NOTA pages and  your weblog  as a part of  the assessment process.


There are a lot of Blogging tools:

In example you have Wordpress. Use it to create a personal blog:





They will allow you to express your oppinions or your reflections about the enviromental issues. You can use it besides NOTA to add information or whatever you consider useful.






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