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How to create webpage with Notaland

Page history last edited by penda 12 years, 3 months ago

First I have to tell you that it's really easy!! So, let's start!


Go to page notaland.com/ and press the button Create Your Account.


Then fill in your name, e-mail and password, read the Terms of use and after you do this, mark that you've read it


Then press ok, then finish and now you already have your own Nota account.


Great, so let's learn how to work with Nota.


Now there is a bit difference between the web browsers you can use. But I think most of you use Internet Explorer. So I hope everybody can make and edit his first page in IE.


Internet Explorer


Once you logged in, you can see the first page, which is already prepared for you. You can start editing this page - just click at EDIT (upper left) and start!

On the left side you can see seven buttons - with the first one you can leave a comment on this webpage (Do you like it? Not like it? Why? How to improve it? Did you found anything interesting on this page?).

With the second button you can draw anything you want, with the third you can erase what you wrote or draw, with the fourth you can write, with the fifth you can move one step backwards (what you did lately would be deleted or if you deleted, it will be back), with the sixth you can repeat what you did.

In the upper row are three buttons - by the first one you can choose the background color, by the second one choose who can edit this page (only you or everybody) and by the third one you can delete the page.

Now try to click on the picture - in the upper row you have now more options - you can change the frame of the picture, you can make it transparent, you can delete it, copy and insert it. If you hold the left button of your mouse, you can also move it.

Now try to click on the text - in the upper row you can see again your options - change the size of the text, change the color, add or delete link to another webpage, change the style of text, and again - delete it, copy and insert it. You can move it as well by holding the left button on your mouse on the text MOVE.

On the right side you there are several buttons as well. By Upload button you can upload a picture both from your computer as well as from another webpage.

On the upper right side you can see button New (when you press it, you'll start with a new webpage.

By Setting you can change your password or change the Nota color theme.

By recent updates you can see the websides made recently.


If you want to know more about Nota, the information you cand find here - notaland.com/cappy/8591  . There you can find information as well as very useful video.



So I think it's all for now and you can make your first webside. About you!

You can add anything! Text, photos, informations about you and your family, whatever you want!


Here is an example for you.


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