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Goals, theories and strategies Week 6

Page history last edited by Veera Nyman 12 years, 3 months ago


TOPIC: Global warming


Goals: The goal of this task is to make student understand what are the different aspects about global warming. The task stimulates the students to critisize and form their own opinions concerning the environment. Learn to tolerate different kind of point of views.


Pedagogical theory: Emotional and social learning - emotions are a great part of an effective learning process, this task stimulate the students to feel different kind of emotions.


Strategies: First visual learning through a video – learning from an expert, then answering the questions/ summarizing the content of the video, then an imaginative debate with different roles/ a roleplay, after this reflections


Reflection/feedback: Reflections and forming own opinion after debate, teacher will give feedback about the debate and the refletions.


Tools to be used: YouTube for watching the video, webchat (or some other?) for the debate, weblog for reflections.


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