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Global warming

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Hey students and welcome to complete this weeks task!


Now your teacher has divided you into two groups. If you are in group 1 please watch the video about the global warming "skeptics speak out". If you are in a group 2 please watch the video about "ecological damage from global warming" . It takes you about 5 minutes to watch the video. Right after you have completed watching the video please go to your personal weblog and write what was the main things that you got out of the video - answer at least these questions:


1. What did the speaker say about global warming?

2. Did the speaker think we have to be scared of the global warming, why or why not?

3. How do you feel after watching the video: normal/interested/surprised/scared/stressed/worried/happy/embarrased? What are the reasons you feel that way?


In our next meeting in chat this week we are going to have an imaginative debate about the global warming issues. This is really a roleplay where you have try to think like people on "your side" in a real life think. You can use the arguments and opinions that the speaker of your video used. Think these arguments before our meeting and write them down. Then in our meeting each group has to take turns to tell the arguments and the other group has to response to it. After our debate the teacher will give you more information about the global warming issues and you have to write in your personal weblog:


1. What do you think global warming is about?

2. How do you feel about it?

3. What did you think during the debate and how active were you in the discussion?


After you have answered these questions in your personal weblog the teacher will give you feedback about the debate and your reflections in your weblog.

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