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Getting to know each other and previous knowledge assesment

Page history last edited by Veera Nyman 12 years, 6 months ago

Dear students, we would like to know something about your existing knowledge of environmental issues before we start to course tasks. This is because this way you can orientate yourself to the course topics and we teachers will also get to know a bit about you and your thoughts. We would also like to know some things about you – this way we can get to know each other! Please answer these questions by Nota tool or write in your weblog. We would also appreciate if you would put at least one picture of you for your coursemates to see.


About you:


1. What is your name, age, hometown and school?

2. What are your hobbies and what are your favorite topics in school?

3. What is your favorite thing about nature and your environment?


Environmental things:


  1. Have you ever heard about ecological issues and protecting our environment?
  2. Do you know practical ways to protect our environment and nature, what?
  3. Do you recycle in your home (if you are not sure you can ask your parents)?
  4. What do you think water cycle is about?
  5. Do you know where the water in your home comes from and where it goes when you have use it?
  6. Do you have polluted or dirty lakes or sea in your hometown or have you seen some, if so where? Why do you think the water is not clean?
  7. Have you ever heard about global warming? What do you think it is and what it causes?


You can answer these questions in few sentences. When you have put these information you can see what others have answered and this way we know a lot more about each others. Please write also things you want others to know about you. Have a nice time!



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