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General about the discussion rules

Page history last edited by Vida 12 years, 3 months ago

In order to create an atmosphere in which all students could feel free to participate, we will determine ground rules for our discussion. We will adapt the following guidelines to fit this group. Please read and let me know whether there are changes you would like to suggest.

1. We will create a safe atmosphere for open discussion (discussions will be synchronous and asynchronous). Thus, members of the group may wish to make comments that they do not want repeated outside the room. If so, the person will preface his or her remarks with a request and the group will agree not to repeat the remarks.

2. We will assume that all studenst/course participants always do the best they can.

3. Acknowledge that oppression (i.e., racism, classism, sexism, etc) exists.

4. We cannot be blamed for the misinformation we have learned, but we will be held responsible for repeating misinformation after we have learned otherwise.

5. Targeted groups are not to be blamed for their oppression.

6. We will actively pursue information about our own groups and those of others.

7. We will share information about our groups with other members of this group and we will never demean, devalue, or in any way "put down" people for their experiences.

We each have an obligation to actively combat the stereotypes about our own groups and other groups so that we can break down the walls which prohibit group cooperation and group gain.

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