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Assessment, rules and procedures

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In order to reach your Course Goals, both students and facilitator must consider initial, weekly and final assessments to be sure we are working well and according to our objectives and the aim of the course.

We (facilitators) are going to evaluate students evolution. Your acquired knowlege degree and the cuantity and quality of your work. But we are going to evaluate also the correct implementation of the course, openining our eyes to your proposals and suggestions.


Student evaluation:

Weekly work.

Student weekly must follow the 6 steps to perform a good work (steps for weekly work), so the first way to evaluate your work will be the degree yo have followed these steps, valorating this from 1 to 10% from final weekly assessment. ( The 6th step appears as not compulsory, but it is important to use your weblog for written information, because your Notaland pages are better for visual information and written notes)

Following these steps in a good way you will obtain 60% of weekly evaluation.

The rest of the percentage (40%) will be given according with your reflections degree and  your originality.

  1. So this 40% percent is divided in:
  2. 10%- The student gives correct information but no examples.
  3. 20%- The student gives information and also good examples.
  4. 30%- The student gives information and examples and shows a deep reflection on the issue and solutions.
  5. 40%- The student shows a high degree of reflection and also offers original solutions to local or global problems.


Final assessment.

At the end of the course, your facilitator will evaluate all your learning process, considering your weekly work percentage and the final reflections on your self-evaluation template about the course. The gradation for this assessment will be the following:

  1. weekly work: 80%
  2. self-evaluation and final reflection on wiki: 10%
  3. Teacher perception of your global group work and your participation (comments on other mates pages, weekly comments in the wiki) : 10%






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